How to View Students Scores in Achieve3000

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If you are wondering on how to view students scores in Achieve3000, the following guide should provide a little help for you. The feature is already provided actually, you may need to know where to access it. If you are new on this, this is a normal challenge. Check out the guide below.

First, you need to logging-in and get into the Admin tab. On the new page, you will see features and options a teacher can have. Click the Student Work. The option will break down. Next, you need to click on Points and Achievements. You will be led to a new page. Scroll down and make sure you choose “Works completed in all classes” at the fourth questions. Customize the entire options as you wish it if you want it differently. Then scroll down on the page and click on View Report. The new page will display the list of your classes. Choose the particular class you want and click it. At last, you will see the entire scores of your students in the class.

As you can see, the teacher’s edition has been equipped with the entire needed features and options. Now that you know how to do it, you should give it a try. Your first try will immediately make you used to it and stop wondering about how to view students scores in Achieve3000.

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