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Achieve3000 is a learning tool that can help improving students’ reading skill significantly. It is very simple and fun so it can help keeping the students interested in the reading materials. The best thing about Achieve3000 is the fact that each student will be presented reading materials according to their Lexile level. So, even though all the students in the class get the same reading material, the diction and sentence structure will be varied depend on their own reading skill. This way, the class can still discuss the same subject but all the students can still follow the lesson in their own pace. If you are still new with this learning tool, here is a simple guide to use Achieve3000 that will be useful for teachers and students.

1. Once you login, you will see the Home screen where you can check your learning statistics and other important menus of Achieve3000.

2. If you want to start studying, click Start Lesson and you will be brought to the learning page.

3. The learning page has 9 tabs. But in this article we will only talk about five most important ones that will be essential for the studying session. Those tabs are as follows:

  • Before Reading Poll

When you click this tab, you will see some poll statements and you need to answer whether you agree or disagree with those statements. You also will have to explain why you vote the way you did.

  • Article

This tab presents your reading material. After reading the article, you can highlight some important parts and even leave comments to help you remember the main idea of the article.

  • Activity

Now this is the part where your reading skill will be tested. This tab presents some questions regarding the reading material you have read earlier in the Article tab. You will have two chances of answering the questions. So, if you get it wrong on the first attempt, you still have one more time to try. This tab also will display the score sheet so you know in which question you got wrong answer as well as the total percentage of your Activity Score.

  • After Reading Poll

This tab will present the same poll statement with what you saw in the Before Reading Poll. But now that you have read the articles, it is possible that you will have a change of perspective.

  • Thought Questions

In this part, you need to give your opinion regarding a specific issue from the article. This part will train the student’s critical thinking and problem solving ability as well as their writing skill. Unlike the Activity part, the teacher will be responsible to score this part.

4. Now that you have finished the test, you can click My Lessons menu if you want to start reading another material and taking new test.

Achieve3000 really has helped many students reaching higher reading skill level. To keep things interesting, you can even compete with other students from other schools and even other states. This way, you can always improve your skill in a really fun way.

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