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Achieve3000 is an excellent learning tool that can help us improving our reading ability. Even though it will give us reading material with Lexile scale that is suitable for our level, sometimes the test can still be pretty hard and getting low score is definitely discouraging. Well, actually with some simple hacking methods, you can get all the questions right and even get infinite total score if you want. If you want to score 100% in every Achieve3000 test, please follow these instructions carefully. The good news is, there is no hacking tool needed. Some simple click here and there will definitely suffice.

  1. Open Achieve3000 in your browser and login to your account.
  2. Click Start Lesson
  3. Click the Activity tab and you can immediately see the results of your both first and second attempt of taking the test. Right answer is marked with green check mark while wrong answer is marked with red x. On the bottom of the result table, you can see the percentage of your activity score.
  4. Now, to change the red x into a green check mark, first of all, right click on one of the green check mark. Click Inspect Element and the developer tool window will open beside your regular browser screen.
  5. You will see many codes but you only need to find a line with ‘check.png’ at the end. For example src=”/assets/images/lesson/content area/review/check.png.
  6. Copy the whole line and the close the developer tool window.
  7. Now, right click the red x that you want to change into green check mark and then click Inspect Element.
  8. The developer tool window will open again. But now, you need to find codes with ‘x.png’ in the end of the line.
  9. Delete that line and replace it with the check mark code you copy earlier.
  10. Click Enter, and the red x will automatically be changed into green check mark.
  11. Repeat the steps to make your score sheet full with green check marks.

Now that you get all the questions right, it is time to change the percentage of the Activity Score. This is how you do it:

  1. Right click on the score you want to change and click Inspect Element.
  2. Once the developer tool window is opened, change the number on the result score border codes with the score you want.
  3. Click Enter and the percentage of your Activity Score will be changed as well.

You can use this trick to change the total score you get on your Point Container. This is how it works:

  1. Right Click your Point Container. It is located on the right side of the screen right below your name.
  2. As usual, click Inspect Element and find top Points Container on the developer tool window.
  3. Click on it and fill it with any number you want.
  4. Click Enter and you will see that your total point has increased.

Of course this trick is not going to help with your real reading ability, but getting a boost of confidence every once in a while, won’t hurt, right?

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