How to Create a Quality Achieve3000 thought Response

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One of the hardest tasks in Achieve3000 is writing your opinion for the Thought Response question. This is your chance to improve your writing and critical thinking. However, writing can be so hard when you can barely remember what the article says. The article can be very long and it will contain some difficult vocabulary if your Lexile level is high. But you don’t have to be sad. Even though this is challenging, it is not impossible to do. To help you create a high quality Achieve3000 Thought Response, here is a useful step by step guide to help you.

1. Read the Before Poll question carefully because the question in this section will give you a glimpse of what the article you are going to read is about.

2. Don’t forget to state your reason elaborately why you agree or disagree with the poll question. It will help you find out what you have known about the topic and in which part you still have so much to learn. When you are finished, click Submit and you will be directed to the Article section.

3. Now, this is time to read the article. Remember that you can use the highlight feature to help you remember the important part of each paragraph or marking new vocabularies.

4. After you finish reading one paragraph, don’t immediately jump to the next one. Click the small circle below the paragraph and you can find three sections to fill. Those sections are as follow:

a. Summarize

Use this part to write the summary of each paragraph. This section will help you remember the main idea of each paragraph.

b. Generate Question

If you have any questions that make you curious from the paragraph, write it in this section. It will help you getting ideas for the Thought Response section.

c. Setting the Purpose

This is the main important part of all. Take your time when writing for this section because it will really essential for the Thought Response section. You have to state your own opinion here. Don’t just copy what you read from the article.

5. Repeat step number 4 for each paragraph. After that, you can move to the Thought Question section.

6. In the Thought Question section, you will find that the notes you made on Setting the Purpose box below each paragraph are included on the draft. This is why you should take your time making those notes. However, don’t just submit the notes. Those notes are just draft. You have to make one complete response based on the notes you made.

7. If there is information you want to include but you forget what it was and you didn’t write it on your notes, click Refer to the Article button and you will be redirected to the article again.

8. Ater finish writing your opinion, reread it again before submitting and make sure there are no typos and the ideas are well elaborated.

9. Click Submit and your opinion will be sent to your teacher.

With this tips, you definitely can write stellar opinion and get good marks from your teacher.

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