How to Change Your Profile Picture in Achieve3000

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achieve3000-profileOnce you start using Achieve3000, you definitely want to spend most of your time there. Finally, you have found a tool that makes improving reading skill really fun and interesting. Doing the activity is really fun and challenging, but visiting your account definitely will be more interesting if you can personalize it a little bit by changing your profile picture.

Achieve3000 is great, but if there is one thing we can criticize from this learning tool is the fact that we cannot change our profile picture. But the truth is, with a little bit of hacking skill, we can change our Acieve3000 profile picture very easily. This is not permanent, but still, it is nice to have a change of surrounding every once in a while. You don’t need any hacking tool to do this, just make sure you do these following steps right and your profile picture will definitely be changed.

  1. First of all, let’s prepare the picture you want to use for your account’s profile picture.
  2. Go to Google and find the image you want. Right click the image and click ‘Copy Image Location’.
  3. Now go to Achieve3000 page and login like usual with your username and password. Please note that the image will have .jpg or .png as the extension.
  4. Right click on your profile picture. You know where it is, right? It is on the upper left side of the screen to the left of your name and total point.
  5. Click Inspect Element.
  6. After that, you will notice a developer tool window is opened at the right side of your regular browser window.
  7. There are so many codes on the developer tool window. To find which one is the code of the profile picture, simply move your mouse to the code. If after that the profile picture is displayed near the code, then it means you have found the right code of the profile picture. It always has .png or .jpg at the end of the code.
  8. Now, double click the code of the picture until it is highlighted and delete it.
  9. Now this is the most important part. Replace the code you erased earlier with the image location you copy from Google.
  10. If you do all the steps right, your profile picture will automatically be changed with the image you want. Close the developer tool and enjoy your new profile picture.

That is very simple right? The best thing about this trick is, now you can always change your profile picture every time you want to. Don’t forget to share this trick with your classmate because what is fun if it is not shared? If you fail, just try again, maybe you accidentally erase something you shouldn’t. You will always need motivation to learn. So, if someday you feel really lazy to open your Achieve3000 account, simply change your profile picture and compare it with your classmates. You can even have matching profile picture with your best friend.

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