How to Add Students in Achieve3000

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If you are a teacher who tries to use Achieve3000 in your teaching plan, you may be wondering on how to add students in Achieve3000. This is a common question for first time basis. This system is equipped with helpful tool for teachers so task like this can be done in simple way. Here is a little guide to do it.

Go to Admin

You need to access the Achieve3000 support tool. On this page, you will find several tabs on the upper part of your screen on the right side. Find the Admin tab and click on it to access the feature. Then, you should find admin interface with several options of menu are available. You need to access the User Administration tab. This tab will break down on more options and one of them is “Add users to my class”. Click this option.

Selecting the Class and Student

When you are in a page where it displays the entire classes you have right now, you are required to choose on one of it. You need to be sure in which class this particular student you want to add belongs to. When you already select it, click on Next. You will then find two boxes beside the classes box, and you need to click on Add. This should lead you to a new page that displays instructions to use features, your current users on this and users that are recently logging in. Skip the entire things and scroll down. Click on Create New Users tab.

Adding in Student

Now, you will be taken to a new page with several lines of columns. In this column, you need to type in the entire details from the student you want to add. Type in the last name and name, the student’s ID for Achieve3000, and you need to set a password as well. When you are done, scroll down and click on Save Changes and Close. It will lead you back to the previous page. You need to scroll up and click on Return to Class List. You will get to the class list page again, and you only need to proceed by clicking on Next. As a note, you can add multiple students at once by adding multiple students’ detail, one on each line of the column.


Checking the Input

Basically, you are done adding the student in your list. After clicking on Finish, you will be taken to a new page in which it displays the entire students you have in the particular class. In here, you can review the list, check if the new added student is already on the list, and many things. If you are done checking, click on Finish and you are settled.

As you can see, this is pretty simple and easy. You may not be familiar with the tool interface just yet so you need a little guide on it. Stop wondering on how to add students in Achieve3000 and give it a try. You will be familiar just right away.

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