How Editing Your Class List in Achieve3000

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Editing your class list in Achieve3000 is an easy and simple task to do. The entire features are already added on your profile and you only need to make several clicks to have it done. However, this is maybe your first time so you are hesitating a little bit. Here is a simple guide to help you make fine and fast edit.

Removing Students

First, you need to access your account by logging in on the website. Then, you only need to get into the Admin tab in which you can do a lot of stuffs. In here, you will fins admin box that displays several features. Try clicking on User Administration and it breaks down on several features. To remove students from your list, you need to click on “Edit district, school or class information” option. If you teach on several schools, you will need to select on particular school you want. Then, you will need to select specific class list to edit. To start editing, click on Edit next to the class tab.

Now, you will be taken to a different page in which it displays the entire students in the class. You can do a lot of stuffs in here, modifying preferences and other things for one or all students in the class at once. To remove student, check their name by ticking on a box before their name. This can be done to multiple students as well. Then, you need to choose to click Permanently Delete or Remove From Class. When you are done with this, you can click on Save Changes.

Adding Students

To add student, you still need to access the Admin tab and click on User Administration option. Then, you should click on Add users to my class option. Then, you will be diverted to a page in which you need to select on the targeted class where the student will belong to. When you are done selecting, click Next. At the next page, find and click Add button. At the next page, you will get browser tab, in which there are list of students that have been active on the learning process and you can select from there. You can select multiple students as well. You can also use the Search box to find the student faster.   Click Add to Class when you are done selecting.

If this is a brand new student in the system, you can’t find them on the list. So scroll down on the page and click on Create New Users. On the next page, you will find columns with several lines in which you need to type in students’ detail. First name, last name, and the ID are necessary and the login password for the students will be generated automatically. When you are done adding students, click on Save Changes and Close, then scroll up on the next page and click on Return to Class List. Click on Next on the new page displayed, then review the class list. If it is okay already, click Finish.

As you can see, the task is made way simple on this. Now we can add and remove students from a class, modified the preference or assign them on other class, and this can be done simpler. Just try editing your class list in Achieve3000 and you will get it since the first time.

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