Assigning and Grading Work with Achieve3000

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Knowing that the system is very advanced, teachers may be wondering if assigning and grading work with Achieve3000 will be complicated. The answer is no. There are so many features, which can be confusing at first especially when you don’t know how to use it, and all of those features are provided as helper for teachers. Here is a little guide to use the system to assign learning material to your students and to grade students’ work.

Finding Material

Of course, you will need to find the right material to assign. This should be easy. There are bunches of articles in this system, and you can choose one adjusted to your curriculum. Teacher only needs to go through the search box and type a keyword focusing on the targeted topic. There will be recommendations of article there, and teacher can click on it to preview it. On the preview, teacher can see what kind of content is offered, activity to engage, poll questions asked, and other details on the material. This way, teacher can make sure the article and learning material is appropriate. Download Achieve 3000 handout.


Assigning It

Teacher only needs to scroll down on the article and click the “Assign the Article” button to assign it. In alternative, teacher can click the “Add to Unit” button as well. If teacher decides to assign it, he can decide if it goes for the whole group of students to only on particular student, the date, and leave a message as direction. When it is sent, students will get the message through their email, and link to access the material. This can be integrated with class activity as well when teacher print the worksheet and work it with the students in the class. It should monitor if the learning process is meaningful and effective for the students.

Grading the Work

This process should be done in rather different way. Teacher will be required to log in as admin, then access the Student Work category. Teachers can then click on the News box, and select the particular learning part they want to see, for example the Activity. This is available to monitor the whole class performance or particular student’s performance. From here, teachers can access the report. The report will display students’ performance on each step so teacher can also find out the particular parts need enforcement. Teacher can also click on each student and see more detailed information like what question they are good at and bad at. With the entire details are already graded as well on this system, teachers only need to use those details as factors to define their real grade. It is objective and it is faster than it used to be.

It takes a little time to get familiar with the features but they are made easy to use and friendly enough even for novice. In addition to it, the system makes the grade easier to explain when parents ask for it. You can re-read this guide all the time while trying. Soon, assigning and grading work with Achieve3000 will be a piece of cake for you.

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