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Building students’ learning achievement through a meaningful learning experience has been the targeted goal of so many methods and techniques. The following Achieve3000 Product Demo update focuses on how this learning system and program is an excellent solution for both students and teachers. If you are up to something new and developed, this product should inform you the best solution in recent times.

The Outlook

This is an online learning system to improve student’s literacy learning, in which student is required to log in on the database to access their already-offered learning material and experience. The look can be customized as the teacher want it, and each student will get personalized, based on their experience and development, look containing all needed information from today’s lesson material, their points and levels, their total activities of learning, and other important details.

How to Use It

Student can click on the “start lesson” button provided to start the self-learning process. In here teachers can provide several learning steps, and student needs to go through the steps. On the side of the page, teacher can always provide needed information like new vocabularies or other possible details like extra learning activities to access to enhance learning achievement. The more interesting point of this system is that teacher can always improvise the learning process. Teacher can add features for students to make questions and conclusion, or to take some notes that they can revisit anytime.

Teacher and parent will also glad to hear that this system is made advanced so it notices student learning and accomplishment level. This information should help the system to alter the material. Learning material and steps should be the same, but the complexity of the learning material will be adjusted to student ability and need. This is how the learning process is more personal and unique. Audio help can be made available to help students with lower learning level.

Commonly, teachers will like core learning steps that include pre-learning activity, main learning process that include article, activities related to the learning material, post-learning activity, and thought questions. Of course, we can always add more steps so students can explore more of their skills. Teacher will also be able to monitor students’ progress and development through the same system. Evaluation can be made available as part of the learning steps, in which students are required to answer evaluation questions related to the learning material. The entire answers and notes or questions will be submitted online and teacher will be able to compose integrated class learning activity from there.

Teachers Little Helper

This system also allows teachers to find any related article to their learning material they are focusing on. Teacher can assign it so students can read it as well for additional material. Teachers can customize the curriculum and activities for students in addition to through monitoring on the students’ result.

As you can see, this is a solution to so many teaching and learning challenges. It gives teachers freedom to develop teaching materials while addressing unique children development and guide it to targeted level. For students, this has become far more personalized and fun. Don’t just learn the Achieve3000 Product Demo, experience it!

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