5 Step Process in Achieve3000 You Should Know

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achieve3000-2Learning on the 5 step process in Achieve3000 is actually very simple. This online learning instruction makes sure that students can initiate self-learning process with the most comfortable instructions and system to follow. Here are the popular steps in it that you should know about before you finally start using it.

Before Reading Poll

You need to understand that you need to login first and click the “Start Lesson” button to see the steps. This is the first step you are going to go. This step will provide you with a brief explanation on the situation to be discussed in the article. It should give you a brainstorming process in which you are making yourself ready on the topic. You are going to be asked to submit your agreement or disagreement on the explanation. You will be provided with space to explain your reason for the answer too.


When you finish first step, you get to continue to the next step, which contains the main article to be discussed in the lesson. When you open this step at the first time, a box containing vocabularies on this topic should appear and you can close it. You need to read the article, and listen to a voice reading it when your teacher already activate the feature, and take some notes using the provided features if you need too. Don’t worry, there is a box of glossary on the right side of the page you can view all the time.


When you are done with the second step, you can access the third step. This step provides you with exercises concerning on the topic. It should test your comprehension on the article, which is essential to decide if you are learning well or not. Commonly, this step contains multiple questions. If your answer is wrong, the system will notify you, so you can revise your answer. You still can access the article to clarify if your answer is correct by clicking on “Refer to Article” button.  At the end, you are going to get a chart of how many questions you get correct and wrong so you can improvise your weakness. It should give you a grade as well.

After Reading Poll

This step is more like a post-learning activity. You are going to get a poll again, like in first step, just in case you change your mind on the topic or if you have any opinion on this at all. When you are done, just click the “Submit” button.

Thought Question

This is the final step. You only need to answer the questions given in short essay of three or four paragraphs. If you don’t know how to compose it, this step is equipped with a guide to help you make a fine writing stating your opinion.

As you can see, the five steps are very helpful. It guides through a nice and accommodating process in learning, and each step is already equipped with cool features to help you finish it. Even though it remains similar to traditional learning activities, these steps are more fun. Experience the 5 step process in Achieve3000 and you will understand in first try.

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